Feel free to give suggestions on what to add! I share product concepts on social media, so if something grabbed your attention and you'd like for it to come to life, let me know and I'll consider it!I do my best to udpate my shop and consider it full time; however, note that I am a full time uni student and am continuing to take classes over summer!Last updated: Sep 12 2023

FALL 2023

BIG CHANGES: Due to the unreliable post service from where we fulfill packages from, all inventory and materials are being transferred back to me and I will return to being the one to pack for my orders!I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the postal service. We have done everything we could to contact the post office and have packages ship on time, but ultimately the management of the location is out of our hands. Expect the store to reopen later once I get everything sorted together once again!

about me

Aero | they/them | 18↑
Chinese American
Stembro student
I am an illustrator and a store runner, but most of all im just some guy who likes to have fun! I like to brighten up people's day if I can!Random facts about me:-i have so many surprises!-I tend to have collecting hobbies, like collecting merch, commissions, photocards, etc-Probably clear by what i draw, but I love VIDEO GAME! ... when I can (I have very little/no time when at school)-HORRIFIC LIST OF GACHA GAMES I PLAYED: Honkai Impact 3rd | Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Arknights, Alchemy Stars, Shining Nikki, Enstars, Project Sekai, Limbus Company, Cookie Run Ovenbreak | Kingdom, Love Live, Nikke, SwordMasterStory, Onmyoji, def more im forgetting... not a whale i just have a nugget brain-i made this list for my own horror too-Sour gummy candy is my favorite!-Mmmm cheeseI am really bad at answering messages/comments sometimes, but I am best at responding if you DM me on Twitter or email me at [email protected]!I also type based on how words sound (to me), so sometimes I may misspell something or type a similar-sounding word in its place by accident!

small note, but be aware of parasocial relationships, they are harmful for both sides! i tend to talk openly and friendly, but please don't assume you know me through just through my posts, or that i am your friend and will do favors for you if i never met you at all, it makes me really uncomfortable ;w;(if we have actually talked before, thats a whole different story!)also note: i do not like playful rudeness towards me, whether you're my friend or not


- Note: I am not active on TikTok, but I do have an account there for crediting! It is @emnide_ (with underscore), so please tag that!- I would prefer if you ask me for permission before you use my artwork for your edit, icon, banner, etc. Whether or not you ask me, I require that you credit me for these (and any other use my art in general)- you REQUIRE my permission to repost my drawings as a new post. Ex: Creating a TikTok, making an Instagram post, that sort. On sites like Twitter and Tumblr, please just reshare my own original post instead!- If you see my work reposted, please tell me regardless of if there is credit or not. I need to keep track of reshares!- If you used my art for an edit, please show me, I'd love to see I just think it is fun and cute!!!!- DO NOT use my art to create merchandise, whether for sales or "gifts". Giving people (even if just a small group of friends) free physical copies of my work in any form takes away my own sales that I need to sustain myself. You may think it does not matter since it is just a few sales I will miss out on, but trust me that any amount of money for me can be life-changing and important and it adds up ;w; I work hard to create my designs so please respect that!- DO NOT claim as yours- DO NOT repost my art if your account is monetized, as in it is used to earn money (through shop sales, commissions, ad revenue, etc).- If you repost with no credit, I will instantly file a DCMA against you. Like come on the least you can do for earning clout off my work is name me...- DO NOT paint over/purposefully crop out my watermark- If someone asks who the artist is (which would be me), do not hide that it is me, even as a joke (some people think it is funny for some reason to watch their friends continuously ask to learn who the artist is which is really weird in my opinion, it is funny for you but it harms me)- "From the internet/Pinterest/etc" is NOT valid credit. State my username (@Emnide) or tag my account if I have an account on that sitePlease understand that reposting my work without credit is just a really nasty thing to do, especially if the purpose is to gain attention from my work behind my back. All of my drawings take a very long time to produce, the least you can do is be courteous and credit me!!!

Frequently asked questions

Shop FAQ can be found in the FAQ section of my Etsy!

Drawing Related

Tools of the trade
Program - Clip Studio Paint Pro
Tablet - XP Pen 22R Pro (July 2020-now) it's overkill but I love it. XP Pen has discounts often! This tablet is also my main computer monitor, I play games using this screen
Brush - Various, mostly self made. My brush 'Dilly Smooth Brush' is my main sketching one, you can find it by searching it on Google! I will upload my other brushes sometime soon hopefully! I highly recommend learning how to make brushes, on CSP look at the brush dynamics of brushes you like and study what makes them feel nice! This way, you can make something most tuned to you!
Q: When is your next commissions opening?
A: I have no idea, I open them pretty spontaneously or if I think I can't run my store at the moment! Openings vary between me offering a specific style only, or you choosing any of the styles I can draw in.
Q: Do you do requests/art trades?
A: I do not, sorry ;w;
Q: How long do your drawings take?
A: It depends wildly drawing to drawing, but I rarely go under two hours. My character arts with no background are usually 3-6 hours, my full illustrations are 7-25+ hours. My character designs take 3-10 hours.
Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: Started drawing since I was a toddler basically, but I started to take it way more seriously when I was 15-16, doing a lot of studies and taking in-depth notes
Q: How do you do character/outfit design?
A: I learned from studying designs I like and drawing them every little detail on them and trying to keep their likeness as close as possible! This helps get me used to doing detailed designs and expands my visual library and ideas. When I create designs, I think a lot about ways to layer clothing elements and materials. A big thing I try to do is finding unique/unconventional ways to apply shapes and materials, combining elements and concepts into new forms! See intro abstraction and bring it forth...!!!!
Q: How do you do coloring?
A: Gradients, subtle value/hue/saturation changes, and lots of studies of aesthetic Tumblr photos! To practice/study colors, I try to recreate the exact colors I see then compare it to the reference by colorpicking, and continue to try to pick by hand until I can match the reference and understand how the color relations work!
Q: Where do you get your drawing/design ideas?
A: They kinda just strike me, but I always write down any ideas I get, even if they're just two words and don't seem like much. From there, I try to think of more or draw it and basically explore and scribble around, and sometimes I come up with something that is entirely different but I like a lot! To have ideas 'strike me', I have had to gather a large mental library of imagery, compositions, and symbolism over the years so more ideas can brew in there over time. As I draw, I also research the theme on hand, this helps give me inspiration!
Q: Where do you get the little decorations in your product images?
A: On Etsy, you can search cabochons and find a bunch there! Like 'chocolate cabochon'. I also sometimes buy them from polymer clay artists!


Q: Can I DM you?
A: Depends! I am always open to DMs about help with shop orders, asking for repost permission, important matters, especially showing me something you made me, shenanigans like that! However, for lighthearted casual talk, I highly prefer talking in group chats/servers unless you are a close friend!
Q: What is your Genshin AR? Can we play together?
A: AR 55, and sometimes I ask for help in my server and anyone can volunteer to join! I am a Diluc and Ganyu main
Q: Can I add you on (insert game)?
A: Feel free to ask, though depending on big the friends list on the game allows, I might limit it to only mutuals!
Q: Where can I see your OCs?
A: I store them on Toyhouse, but sometimes they are private! My Toyhouse is Sans (username is literally @Sans)
Q: Can I draw your OCs?
A: YES OMG.... if you draw them PLEASE SHOW ME I WILL CRY. It can be a doodle of idk their nails and ill start weeping. Same with showing me posts that remind you of my ocs
Q: What music are you into?
Any genre, as long as it inspires a story! Like makes me think of an illustration, character, etc.. If it doesn't, then it is harder for me to get into the song
Q: What air fryer do you use? (nobody asked this)
A: Instant™ Vortex™ Plus 10-quart Air Fryer Oven. For me it was worth the money, I can cook food for my entire family pretty fast. Just keep in mind that food on the top tray may cook faster than food on the bottom tray, so switch the tray positions halfway through.
Q: Are you Herobrine?
A: Question time is over

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