NOTICE: From May to August, my store openings and launchings may be a bit bumpier and I will be constantly putting my store on hold! I am moving to a new state, so please bear with me as I go through this transition!

These are products that are certain to appear during the next season's store launch :)

Feel free to give suggestions on what to add! I share a lot of product concepts on social media, so if something grabbed your attention and you'd like for it to come to life let me know and I'll consider it!

fall 2021

October - December


about me

Aero | they/them | 18
Chinese American

I am an illustrator and a store runner, but most of all im just some guy who likes to have fun! I like to brighten up people's day if I can!

Random facts about me:
-I enjoy merch collecting, especially fanmerch! Charms and pins are my personal favorite
-I enjoy collecting other forms of art too, such as commissions and designs
-I like watching Sims 4 playthroughs as I work
-Sour gummy candy is my favorite!
-Mmmm cheese


-I would prefer if you ask for permission before you use my artwork for your edit, icon, banner, etc...
-credit me in your bio if using as icon/header
-you REQUIRE my permission to repost my drawings as a new post
-if you repost with no credit, I will instantly file a DCMA against you
-If you see my work reposted, please tell me regardless of if there is credit or not. I need to keep track of reshares!
-Do not claim as yours
-If you used my art for an edit, please show me I'd love to see!